You asked for it, so we made it. Today we are delighted to announce the brand new enterprise plan from Prowork for large organisations.

At Prowork we take user feedback very seriously. Since we launched we have received a lot of quality feedback from users and advisors and one request that was almost always in the mix was a self-hosted option especially for enterprise scale organisations.

One thing we have come to appreciate is that workspace policies for larger organisations differ from those of smaller ones. Most of our enterprise clients want the same great user experience and mobility that Prowork offers but their organisational policies restrict the kind of information they can put out there - even on a SaaS product like Prowork.

The brand new Enterprise Plan will allow larger companies to self-host Prowork, on their own servers, and still enjoy the same fantastic service on the web, mobile, API, and desktop platforms.

The Enterprise plan is an extension of our already popular PRO plan though it boasts several other unique features like:

  1. Self Hosted (Hosted on your own server)
  2. Dedicated 24/7 support
  3. Monthly and Quarterly upgrade schedules
  4. Branded (the mobile and web app will feature your company’s brand identity)
  5. Flexible pricing

We’ll be rolling out more features to this plan in the coming months.

In the mean time, if you work in a large organisation or you love to think big and desire to work effectively at the level of larger organisations shoot us an email on or call +2348076652206 to start using Prowork to help your business grow.

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