We have been working hard to improve your experience on Prowork. So based on feedback from our customers, we are rolling out a new and improved Prowork (version 3) on June 18.

We have always believed that project management software should be seamless, real time, collaborative, and ubiquitous, at the same time providing intuitive project insights to increase efficiency and save costs.  Prowork version 3 is a better representation of these goals.

So what has changed?

1. Project interface and more powerful task management features

We’ve made subtle changes to the familiar project interface to improve interaction, speed and to give you more task management control.


Task properties are now redesigned to slide out in a right pane with a new set of useful controls and task management enhancements such as:

  • Sub tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Recurrent tasks
  • Set periodic reminders for specific tasks
  • Task dependency
  • Task privacy

2. Speed

We are bringing even more speed on board to give users a truly seamless experience as they manage their projects and collaborate.

3. Business intelligence dashboard

Business decisions driven by data can help your organisation become a runaway success. Going forward we want to make your project data and activity more valuable to your business planning through interactive and customizable charts to help you detect useful trends like project risks, team member’s performance, etc.  


We look forward to bring more business intelligence power to Prowork and so our new report dashboard is just the beginning.

These are just some of the new experience we are bringing to Prowork, there’s a whole lot more inside for you to discover. So go ahead, give the new Prowork a spin on June 18 and let us know.

We made this specially for you. Thank you for using Prowork.