We hope you are already excited about the prospects for your team and projects in 2015. It promises to be a very productive year, and we are happy to help your dreams come true with Prowork.

Here are some of the most used Prowork features from 2014:

  1. Prowork Calendars – a better way to visualise and plan your projects.
    Your project calendar on Prowork is fully interactive, you can create new tasks right from the calendar, resize or  drag and drop tasks to change task dates, and assign tasks to team members.
  2. Prowork Subtasks - Better work break down structure for your projects
    Subtasks enables you achieve a better work breakdown structure (WBS). Dividing complex tasks into simpler and manageable tasks is key to making your project deliverable oriented and increase productivity.

  3. Prowork Search - The quickest way to search for anything across all your projects

  4. Scrum and Kanban boards for agile teams in Prowork

  5. Prowork Gantt Chart, automate your workflow with task dependencies
    Sometimes we spend time looking at our task list and wondering what’s next especially when our next point of action depends on our team mates.
    With task dependencies, Prowork will notify you when your team mates are done with their tasks, so you can get started. You can add single or multiple task dependencies via the task pane or you could also drag and drop dependencies in the interactive Gantt chart.

There is good reason to be excited. Jump start your project management and collaboration in the new year with these amazing Prowork features ;)