A new version, 0.9.11, of Prowork for Blackberry is available. The new version provides a more interesting way to enjoy the application. Besides the couple of bug fix, here are the three core areas improvements was focused on.

  1. A better interface

    The new mobile app features a cleaner and more appealing interface. But it’s not just the looks. It is designed with the user experience as top priority. Now you can get more done in lesser screens.

  2. It gets faster

    As mentioned in Making the Prowork web app faster, we are trying to adopt some of the design and development methodologies used in the web app in mobile as well. We’ve built a cache system in the new mobile app that reduces unnecessary data connection. This helps you manage your projects and tasks as fast as it should get. But not only that. We’ve also optimized the data connection code to make it more stable and efficient.

  3. More functions

    The new app comes with many new functions missing from other versions. We want you to be able to do everything you can do on the web app on the go. The one big thing missing for now is the chat and we will be adding that as soon as possible.

Yeah, yeah, I’m set to download!

Simply visit http://prowork.me/bb/Prowork.jad from your Blackberry to get this latest version.