From the early days of Prowork, we have desired to be a customer focused company; to this end our mantra has always been to put our customers first. We treat every feedback with utmost attention and Prowork has become a better product today because of that.

Every question or suggestion has helped improve our understanding of how users interact with our product and it doesn’t just stop there. We use this feedback to fix oversights, align our product better, and improve documentation.

We are excited to announce the latest addition to Prowork- our new knowledge base.

The Prowork knowledge base.

Arranged into context topics, Prowork’s new knowledge base is designed to be easy to use and comprehensive. It makes for easy browsing and finding articles that are helpful. The search feature also helps make browsing for information easier.


As Prowork grows and improves, we’ll update the knowledge base accordingly.

Help Desk Widget

When you log in into Prowork, you’ll find a quick support widget, at the bottom left of every page, which allows you to send feedback. You can even attach an optional screenshot of your current page to help our support team aid you better.

Interestingly, the help desk widget also connects to the Prowork knowledge base- both powered by UserVoice-, as you type your feedback, to recommend answers in real time. 

Email Support and Social Networks.

We are always happy to hear from our users. You can also email us directly at, or find us here on facebook. Don’t forget to Follow us on twitter, @proworkapp, where we actively provide tips and support.

Let us know what you think - does the knowledge base answers your questions?