We pitched and did a demo of Prowork at yesterday’s Showcase Tuesday event of the Co-Creation Hub (CcHub) Lagos.

and this happened:


The CcHub has been remarkable in improving collaboration in the local tech ecosystem, therefore it was no surprise that Prowork had a good reception from the community there.

Prowork started as solution to the collaboration challenges we faced while working remotely at Digital Craft Studios. We figured that the challenge of collaboration was a common one especially in growing urban economies like Lagos and other African cities.

Prowork is a task management app that makes team collaboration on projects easy.

As work places are increasingly virtual and project teams are today becoming more and more dispersed. Prowork enables real time collaboration, anywhere and any time, allowing team members to stay on top of what’s happening on their projects.

Prowork is available on Mobile (Blackberry, Android and Java supporting phones), Web, and a robust API to allow developers to extend the functionality.

Some interesting use cases for Prowork include: Business Project Managers, Software Development, Managing your Personal To-Dos, Planning events, and Sales, etc.

An interesting part of the presentations was a head to head comparison between Prowork and Asana - [see spreadsheet here]. We would have loved to add Basecamp to this but a lot has been said here and here already. Prowork should be the obvious choice.

It was wonderful to meet other developers and startups and we seized the opportunity to announce the Prowork API Challenge.

A big thanks to Femi Longe, Tunji, Beatrice and Lai for the opportunity to present Prowork to the wonderful CcHub community!