One of our top priorities at Prowork is to iterate as fast as we can based on users’ feedback. Our ’Prowork bugs, feature requests and todo’ project has about 79 tasks already with an average of 2 new tasks added daily. Here, I share some of the many tasks we’ve completed in the past few days.

  • To make getting started easier, we’ve stripped the sign up form in the home page to just two fields - email and password - and you are in!

  • We removed file type restriction for uploads. We’ve tried to tackle security implications around allowing the upload of some certain file types and have removed our restriction of file upload types.

  • We have also added task filters. Now you can filter the project task list to either all tasks or just tasks assigned to you (my tasks). We hope to add more filters like completed and uncompleted tasks soon.

  • We enabled comments for the developer site and the blog
  • Prowork notification messages (live activity stream included) now have links so that you can easily navigate to target project or task.

  • Your notifications page is now paginated.

  • Task note character limit has been removed and if you type a link in a note, Prowork hyperlinks it.
    Some HTML tags like bold (<b>), underline (<u>), italics (<i>), emphasize (<em>) and even HTML links (<a href=“”>) are also supported.

    We hope to add user mentions in notes soon.

  • We also tweaked the positioning of status and notification messages so that it doesn’t obstruct site interactivity.

These are just some of the many things we’ve done in the last couple of days besides bug fixes. Are there any bugs, suggestions, features and observations you’d like to tell us about? Simply drop a comment, send a mail ( or get in touch through our twitter account @proworkapp.

Stay tuned for more updates :)