One of the strong parts of collaboration is delegation. But even delegation is nothing without privilege. While delegation answers ‘who should do what?’, privilege answers 'who can do what?’.

While delegation is left in the hands of the user, to make things very easy, Prowork takes care of the big work of privilege control.

In this first piece, we review the task management privileges:

  1. Create tasks: Any project member can create tasks
  2. Assign task to any project member: Project admin* and task creator
  3. Rename Task: Project admin and task creator
  4. Update task status: Project admin, task creator and task member
  5. Delete task: Project admin and task creator
  6. Add Task note: Any project member

Most interesting part of it all is that there is the activity stream that logs all member actions in a project (available as Notifications in the dashboard). So even with proper privilege, how this privilege is used can be monitored.

*The project admin is the user that creates the project.