1. Mentions
    You can now mention project members in task notes. Simply start typing the name with an ’@’ prefix and an auto-complete pops out to help you make a selection.

    When mentioned in a task note the project member gets notified by email :)

  2. Lightbox
    Now you can preview uploaded images and ones attached to notes there in the project window. Clicking it simply pops up the image in a nifty over-layed box

  3. Chrome addon
    Ah! We threw a new Chrome addon into the mix. Use Chrome? Check it out here.

  4. New Mail Format
    We took time out and refreshed the design of our emails. You’ll love it :)

  5. New video and pages
    And Prowork has a new introductory video. You can see this in our new how it works page. While we were at it, we redesigned the about page too.

  6. Blackberry application update
    In case you missed it A new version, 0.9.11, of our blackberry application is available. Visit http://prowork.me/bb/Prowork.jad on your blackberry to download.

Now, enough of all the talking just go see for yourself, visit www.prowork.me.